Ain't No Tree High Enough

The day after Winston returned from his two-year mission, we were supposed to travel north to meet with a family with whom he had baptized two of their sons.  We were so excited to meet them; however, at the last minute one of the sons came down ill, and because we didn't know if it was just a cold or Corona we decided to visit them another time.  We just couldn't chance that we might get sick and not being able to return to the States or get Oma and Opa sick.  We were so sad not to be able to meet with that family. Since the day was now free, we made the decision to go to Friedrichdorf and go to Kletterwald. The children had so much fun climbing and zip-lining.  


William Kendall said…
A good way to spend the day.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Oh, such surprises do always pop up at the wrong time but you couldn't take any risk.
Great alternative for visiting Kletterwald.
Love the picture with the four siblings!

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