Reykjavik Zoo


I wouldn't say that the Reykjavik Zoo was the most impressive zoo I have ever been to, as honestly, you could see any of the animals in your local neighborhood.  I mean we are talking cow, goat, sheep, horse, a handful of doves, a pigeon, two pigs, a stray cat that supports the LGBTQ community, a menagerie of reptiles that were probably someone's pets and they were more care than they thought they would be and the exception of three seals who are probably in an enclosure that is a little too small for them.  The zoo did offer a really fun park for the kids with a half dozen rides.  The kids loved the park. We only wished we had gone earlier in the day.  The weather was beautiful and aftward we headed into the city to try a few bucket list food items we had either read about or seen on YouTube!  Stay tuned for part two of our day!  


Dearest Kelleyn,
It might not have stood out as the best zoo but you got some great photos from the park!
betty-NZ said…
It definitely looks fun according to those smiles!

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

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