The Blue Lagoon


Hello!  The adventures in Iceland continue!  A trip to Iceland would not be complete without an iconic visit to the Blue Lagoon.  It is listed as one of the 25 wonders of the world.  Discovered through drilling about 50 years or so the hot springs are truly amazing.  Even in the rain, they are still worth the visit.  The waters are just the perfect temperature.  My only advice would be not to dunk your hair in the water.  Of course, they make your shower and wash your hair before, but I would just put it in a big clip or bun and not get it wet.  The water has completely stripped my hair of all oils and despite washing it and conditioning it multiple times it is so dry! After enjoying a couple of hours in the water, we treated ourselves to a fine dining experience at the Lava Restauarant.  It is definitely not cheap, but the food was so delicious.  Even with the majority of our food being cooked in our Air B and B, I have to say that the food in Iceland is so expensive.  While there is some fast food here in Iceland it is not cheap.  Actually, nothing is cheap here in Iceland, but if you know this in advance it takes the sting off it! Well, I need to run!  We have a few more adventures we want to do before we head over to Germany.  


William Kendall said…
Quite a spot for a swim.

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