Tripsdrill 2021

Hello!  I feel like I am coming out of the other side of grief and I am sure it will be 1 step forward and 2 steps back.  My father's ashes will be ready for pick up this afternoon.  It is so strange that someone can be here one minute and gone the next.  The other day, I was in Barnes and Noble getting Addy a book and I saw the crossword puzzles on sale and was about to pick one up and buy it, and then I remembered that my dad is gone. I am sure he is doing crossword puzzles up in heaven in his free time.  Anyway, everyone has been just so lovely.  I have gotten so many wonderful phone calls and messages.  He was one loved person.  

Back in July, before we went to Poland, we had the opportunity to go to Tripsdrill which is an amusement park with my sister-in-law and nephew.  We had a wonderful day.  If you ever go to Germany visit one of the many amusement parks. It is great fun and honestly not as crazy as going to one here in the states.  Well, I need to run!  I have so much to do today.  Hope you are having a fabulous week.  Ciao!


Dearest Kelleyn,
Heartfelt condolences to you and yours!
My Dad also was very fond of crossword puzzles and I've mailed many to him at the time of his life.
You lived through a rather hectic and emotional time.
Your title is kind of separated as it is of course Trippsdrill... Understandable right now.
So wonderful seeing your husband together with his sister at Trippsdrill, they both looked so happy. We both know the feeling for being together with loved ones on the other side of the 'pond'... So special and yet so rare.
WISH more people would understand it being special, those that live close to each other and often not visiting.
Funny picture of the huge swing under the cap of a mushroom.
Big hugs and sending you lots of strength for living through this emotional time.
DUTA said…
My sincere condolences on your Dad's passing.
I like the photos of the girls' driving in the park's cars, especially the red number 10.
NCSue said…
My condolences on your loss. My dad is gone 10 years now, and my mom is gone more than 60 years. I still miss talking to my dad each day on the phone, and the privilege of being with him during his last life challenges. And every time I drive over a "whooppee bump" in the road, I say "Hi Mom!"
They will always be present in our memories and will live on through subsequent generations, perhaps as a string of DNA, or an expression of theirs which is treasured by those who remain.
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