Summer Edition of This and That

Hello friends!  Hope July is treating you well!  Boy, has it gotten hot hear in Georgia!!!! On Friday, my son received his airline ticket for Germany.  We weren't sure if he was going to get to go given the whole Corona situation.  He leaves for his two-year mission at the end of this month.

My son getting set apart to receive the Melchizedek.

Spent a little time doing some Geneology this past week and was able to find this old photo of my husband's great grandparents along with his great uncle, his wife, and three children. Thanks to a cousin who added some information to Ancestry.  We were able to learn the name of his great-grandparents and his great-great-grandparents which is pretty cool given so many records were lost to the war.

I saw this on Facebook and got a good laugh since it sums up my day pretty well.  This mama is tired.

I binged watched this show this week and thought it very interesting.  Sadly, I have no movies to recommend.  I also enjoyed watching Nadiya's Time to Eat off of Netflix as well. Off of PBS, I enjoyed a TV series call Line of Separation which was pretty good. The last one was set in post-War War II along the border between East and West Germany.

Addy died her hair in watch she called Mermaid colors. She had begged me for over a year to let her get it done, so I finally gave in.  It wasn't permanent and washed out pretty quickly.  

At the beginning of June, before everything got crazy with the virus in Florida, my husband took my son on a scuba diving trip to the Keys.  They both had a great time.

I really enjoyed this book.  Love this author as she has such an easy way of writing that is so relatable.  You can easily start with this book without having read the book before it, but that book is good too.  I also read the book Girls with No Names which I found sad, not per say a summer read, but it was good too. Wanted to read more this summer, but I have been working with the girls to get their reading fluency up and so by the time I have read with all three of them I have no desire to read anymore.  

Roman built his first computer with his brother Harris this summer.  They did a great job!

I have been following a YouTube channel called Honeysuckle which has a lot of good easy recipes.  This is Curry Ramen with Pork Katzu which was a big hit with the boys.  Well, it is late and I better go to bed.  Hope you have a great week!


I'll check on those recipes! And oh how I LOVE her Mermaid hair colors. I wish I could do that to mine! I'm wishing the best to your family and what they have ahead of them. Love the old photo. Hugs!
Barbara Rogers said…
Great that your son is able to go to Germany. My granddaughter wanted a college level internship there, but didn't get accepted (International Economics) from U of N. Florida. And with our shutdown from Covid-19, I didn't expect she'd be able to travel to Germany. Now I don't know what she'll do for fall semester.
Dearest Kelleyn,
That is a lot of action and milestones in one post.
Your son's trip to Germany will be very special, no doubt!
Also valuable for coming across some photos of your husband's ancestry. Those are treasures to hold onto.
The boys seem to love building their own computer and it is good.
Glad the Mermaid stage ended real easy...
And the scuba diving experiment of course is one for the books of memories.
NCSue said…
I'm a bit surprised the Covid situation didn't put the kibosh on your son's trip to Germany. It seems like so much has been halted in its tracks by this thing. Hoping that he will travel safely and that all of you will remain safe and well.
Thanks for linking up at
Looks like you're making the most of the summer.

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