Alligator Farm, Florida

I am a little behind on my blog post from this summer.  Anyway, back in June, I took Winston and the gang to Jacksonville, Florida for his graduation.  We invited his friend Jordan to come along with us and they had a great time together.  One afternoon a rainy afternoon we braved the elements and went to St. Augustine and went to an Alligator Farm.  We have been before, but the kids were pretty little so they had no memory of going there.


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Dearest Kelleyn,
Good for you for having taken Winston and his friend to the Aligator Farm in St. Augustine.
We took Mom & Dad there in 1987 and luckily it was not raining then.
Your photo with Winston indeed shows a very pregnant sky!
Barbara Rogers said…
You've been hacked...royally!
On another note...I used to live right down the street from the A. Farm in St. Augustine. I took a few grandchildren to see it, but it was just part of something on the way to work most of the time. Isn't it strange that people come to see it from many miles distance, and I'd drive right by twice a day!
Sounds like a fun trip for graduation!

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