Weekend in Franklin

So much is going on right now that it is hard to keep track of everything so for the sake of posterity and sometimes a failing mind I am please forgive me if I write it all down here for remembrance of a later date. Kobi Bryant died this week and while it is sad that someone so young died I am not really getting the whole frenzy around his death. It just seems a little misplaced if you ask me.  People die every day.  One minute they are here and the next minute they are gone; however, everyone is talking about his death.  While I like Basketball, I don't really know who any of the players are anymore.  I had no clue he had retired. What struck me as sad was that it took almost two days before the media even really mentioned the others who lost their lives at that moment.  Even stranger that it was such a frenzy when people are dropping like flies in China from the Coronavirus and it is spreading globally, there have been earthquakes from Jamaica, to Cuba, to China and the Aleutian Islands and Trump is on trial. I guess if anything is to be taken away from his death is that we never know how long we have on this earth and so we should treasure each moment and more importantly let our loved ones know they are loved.

On another note, did you watch the Superbowl?  We didn't, but our sons Roman and Winston went to friends to watch it.  I suppose if I were to pick a team to win I would have chosen the Chiefs just because they are kind of the underdogs. So what does this have to do with Franklin, Tennessee?  Absolutely nothing! Two weeks ago for Martin Luther King jr. holiday weekend;  my mom, Roman, the girls, and I traveled up there for the weekend.  I figured if we were going to visit our friends, it was going to have to be that weekend as we are pretty booked out for the next 9 months.  Winston graduates in May, we leave for Germany for the summer, Winston turns 18, Roman turns 13, the girls just started Karate, and the list goes on.  I have as of yet to taken Winstons' senior photos. Funny how he has a mom who is a photographer but he doesn't have his photos done.  They will get done though!  It is just a matter of time.  I just need to find a weekend when he isn't so busy.  His first track and field race starts this upcoming weekend, so we just need to look at the Calendar and see what is best.  While we were in Tennessee, we celebrated Hannah's birthday.  She turned 8.  The girls were so happy to see her along with Tracy's girls.  I love how they may not see each other for 3 months, 9 more or a year plus and they just all pick up where they left off.

Then we went to see the movie Dr. Doolittle and it was so good.  If you haven't read my movie review, you can find a list of some of the movies I have watched in the previous post.  The movie was magical.  We also took the opportunity to eat at Biscuit Love and me oh my there Biscuits are so good and just like that we were back home. Addy ended up getting sick and so we cut our weekend short. Pure thing!  I would say it was the flu, but she didn't have a fever and she did have the flu shot.  She just couldn't keep anything down.  Well, it is like 1 something in the morning and I can barely keep my eyes open.  I am so tired.  I hope you had a good weekend. See you soon.


stevevhan said…
Same thoughts about Kobe, i like that he inspired people, but just like what i posted on facebook, it's a reminder that our life is short.. and aside from him and her daughter, there we also other families involved in the incident.

I don't watch the NFL as i am not a fan but the halftime show as always. XD Which reminds me of a Latino friend, .. and jlo in her 50s still shaking. XD
junieper/jesh said…
When reading your post, it felt overwhelming keeping up with world news, and maybe you need to take a break from world news, since you already have so much (good) things going on in your life. These images of celebrating little girls are just heart warming. Your group photos are so good - it stands out to me in your photography! don't get too stressed, Kelleyn, because you're the hub of your family -everything revolves around you - have a relaxing week!
NCSue said…
You have an adorable family!
Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/02/cinnamon-apple-pull-apart-bread.html
Dearest Kelleyin,
AMEN to your rant!
Husband Pieter and I immediately said and what about the other lives?!
That was so RUDE towards the loved ones of all others and of ALL people that died in silence somewhere else but that still meant the world to some!
How is it that in this country sports have become such a religion and CRAZY?!
They sure are not Gods, often a far cry from being even a good role model...
And the Super Bowl Craze is also absurd, if you hear the prices that people pay for just being there, to worship...?! Get real.
Raising a family and keeping kids fed and happy is far more important and humble.
We often said, WHO is the voice for the people begging in the streets in Indonesia, India etc. suffering from leprosy?! They are outcast and being ostracized from society and it is NOT cool to even mention them on Social Media...
Good Grief! All of us will one day face our Final Judge and let's all try a 'bit' harder for making the days that we are spending here together on earth, a bit better...
Big hugs and yes, we both know Franklin, TN
Veronica Lee said…
Love the photos of your super adorable family! So sad about Kobe Byrant's death.
Lady Fi said…
Your shots are precious!
betty-NZ said…
Goodness, you've been busy! I, too, didn't understand the hubbub about Kobe. I'm sorry for his family, but it was a bit overboard.
Those smiles would be a lovely break from all the goings-on!

Anyway, your getaway sounds great, except for the little one being sick :)

Feel free to share at My Corner of the World
William Kendall said…
I didn't get the fuss about Kobe, but such is celebrity, especially if a death happens quite young.

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