Last week we had another teenager join the ranks of a teenager; however, Roman has been practicing for this role for the last two years.  He is funny, caring, sassy, and we are so grateful to have him apart of our family.  Happy Birthday, Roman!


Dearest Kelleyn,
Happy Birthday to Roman and you show a happy family around his Birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Roman - wishing you a year of happiness and a lot of fun.
Annsterw said…
Happy birthday Roman!
junieper/jesh said…
Thirteen already? He looks like a great kid, having fun with his sisters. You love it even more later, when they all have grown up, to look at these captures, Kelleyn! Happy birthday, Roman, and dear mommy thank you for sharing it with us at All Seasons. Have a wonderful week!
Joanne said…
That looks like a tasty cake!
Veronica Lee said…
Happy Birthday to Roman!

What a handsome young man!
Barbara Rogers said…
Happy day for your young man...I hope he grows with courage and introspection, creativity and curiosity, eagerness and gratitude, and health!
Birthday wishes to Roman and we also have a new teenager in our family, grandson Bobby was 13 in December.
The teen years, remember them well. You think you are all grown up, but don't always make the best decisions. - Margy
Anonymous said…
eileeninmd said…

Happy Birthday Roman! I hope you day is great!
Wonderful photos. Happy birthday to Roman!
Andrea Charles said…
Happy Birthday, Roman! Wishing you an enjoyable year teenager! Rock on with your family and friends. Grow up to be an amazing man and you're going to have these lovely bonds grow together! That's a sweet picture with your sisters. Thanks, Kelleyn for sharing these special moments with us!
William Kendall said…
Happy Birthday, Roman!
Mayura said…
My heartily birthday wishes Roman. Your birthday pictures are awesome. Dear mommy, you have done a great job. Guess, Roman would have been on cloud nine to see these surprise celebrations.

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