Chinese New Year 2020

Every year we try to celebrate Chinese New Year in order to honor our daughter's culture.  Sometimes we go down to the cultural center and watch the dancing lions and others we do crafts or read stories, but we always eat Chinese.  This year we went to P.F. Changes.  The girls were so thrilled.  We wanted to stay away from the cultural center to limit our exposure to the Coronavirus in case there were any Chinese Nationals or those who have visited in the last couple of weeks.  The girls weren't interested in doing crafts since this is the year of the rat.  They asked me if it could be the year of the Panda because Pandas are cuter.


Sandee said…
What a lovely thing to do. The food looks so good and that chocolate cake looks really good.

It's very nice to need you.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥
Sharon said…
You've made me hungry. I haven't been to PF Chang's in quite a while and I love their food. I need to go soon. I see they still have the great wall of chocolate cake.
DUTA said…
China - great country, great culture, great food, the world's greatest supplier of goods!
Hopefully, the corona virus won't stop that.
I've immensely enjoyed your pictures, as always.
Annsterw said…
Could not love this more! How wonderful that you embrace her culture as well! That cake looks amazing and those smiling faces are simply adorable! Have a great day!
Iris Flavia said…
(Sadly) a wise decision to simply go to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate. It´s frightening how quick a virus can travel these days...
eileeninmd said…

Cute smiling faces. I like PF Changs food, yum! Enjoy your day!
Catscue Catmom said…
Looks like that was a hit with the girls! Happy Lunar New Year all.
Love those smiles. And yes, pandas are pretty cute.
Phil Slade said…
Your girls are beautiful. Such happy smiling faces. You must be so proud of them.
What a wonderful tradition! We also like PF Chang's food, and it looks like your daughters had a wonderful time. Happy Chinese New Year!
What a wonderful way to celebrate and honour your daughter's culture and make a continuing part of her life. - Margy
Looks like they enjoyed eating their Chinese dinner. We like it too. And the lion and dragon dances. So much colour and sound! Have a great week and thank you for visiting my blog this week.
Malyss said…
I'd have the same smile in front of such a chocolate cake!
Sami said…
This year I missed the Chinese New Year celebrations at our local Shopping centre.
Amazing to see the kids eating with chopsticks, I never learned how to.
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Your girls are adorable! And I prefer pandas as well.
It’s great that you honor the girls’ culture and make it part of all of the family’s lives.
William Kendall said…
The cake looks to die for.

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