Waimea Falls

Hi!  Today we are heading off to the Polynesian Cultural Center, but before we go I want to share with you our hike to Waimea Falls.  I am kind of bummed, but these will be the last photos taken from a proper camera.  I turned on my camera yesterday to take some photos at the beach and the camera gave me an error code.  Looked up the code and it turns out the shutter is broken.  Hoping the dealer will refund me, replace it, or Amazon will help as I just bought this camera 2 months ago, but didn't use it till just a week ago because of my shoulder.  I don't seem to have luck on my side lately.  Anyway, Waimea Falls is located on the North Shore of the island not too far from the famous Waimea Bay where all the surfboard competitions take place in the winter. I wouldn't say it is too cold to swim here in the winter, but the wind and strength of the waves can be a little challenging; however, winter is a perfect time to hike here in Hawaii as the temperatures are mild and the humidity is much lower.  Hiking to Waimea Falls is a super easy hike.   The hike round trip is only 1.6 miles, is paved the whole way, and there are park benches all along the way for those who need to take a rest.  Going to the hike is not cheap though with it's $16 ticket price.  It cost us as a family of 8 almost $100.  Ouch!  There are many free hikes, but many of them are not suited for little kids. After going to Waimea Falls we went to Shark Cove which I will post another day.  Hope you have a lovely day!


William Kendall said…
Beautiful shots! Rotten luck with the camera.
What a wonderful holiday you are having, Kelleyn, and bummer about the broken shutter. Hopefully, you will be able to get a replacement once you return home. Hapy New Year to you and your family!
I love waterfalls and this looks like a lovely place!
Beautiful photos of a lovely place, though that is a pricey hike! Hope you get your camera sorted out painlessly.
Annsterw said…
Beautiful photos!!! I am now following you! I am enjoying your trip as much as my own!!! Good luck with the camera replacement-Amazon is usually really good with that stuff!
junieper2 said…
Beautiful surroundings, Kelleyn! Paying for every hike is expensive, but who knows it will help people to not trash the place? Sorry for a faulty shutter. Your images are still good enough for blog posts though (you probably have some tricks up your sleeve to tweak it:))
Thanks so much for sharing with All Seasons, and hope you'll have more luck with your next camera!
betty-NZ said…
Waterfalls are so charming to see. I do hope you get your camera fixed soon.

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