Life is a Beach 19

The Beach
Come to the beach
Where the sea is blue
And the little waves
Come running to you

A wave comes splashing
Over your toes.
You just stand still
And away it goes.

We'll build a castle
Down by the sea
And look for shells
If you'll come with me- author unknown

As I sit here huddled beneath my blanket and dream of sunny skies and warmer days, I am grateful we had the time we did in Hawaii.  This is the end of the Hawaii photos.  If you haven't seen any of my previous posts just scroll pack and you can see what we did while in Hawaii.  Hope these make your week just a little bit brighter.  Have a great week.


italiafinlandia said…
Life on the beach is a dream for many people.
What a joyful family!
NanaHood said…
Beautiful pics! Wish I was at the beach!
William Kendall said…
You had quite a time in paradise.
Angie said…
I don't know … it doesn't look like you had ANY fun! Thanks for sharing this beauty for all of us that are snow-bound!
NCSue said…
Great shots! Nice to see the family having such fun.
Thanks for sharing at
I just came back from Maui and I miss the warm waters of the picnic and this beautiful island.
CARMEN said…
wow, wonderful holiday! wish I were at the beach,now ☺
Happy WW ☺
Debbie D. said…
Beach photos in the dead of winter are warming, somehow, and I enjoyed yours. ☺ Looks like a fabulous vacation! Thanks for visiting The Doglady's Den earlier. Cheers!
Jeanna said…
Count me in, I am there. I might never leave though. Is that one of those ices with ice cream in it?
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Lots of Hawaii smiles! Love it. Nearly anywhere in Hawaii is my favorite place to be.

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