Hawaii A Little This and A Little of That

Hi!  How are you!  Boy is it freezing here today in Georgia.  Send me back to Hawaii pretty please.  I am currently lying in bed, the kids are at school and I have just no desire to do anything. I do need to get up and do some laundry and I need to take child number two to the pediatrician. He has some sinus problems going on at the moment.  Yesterday, I went to physical therapy for the first time for my shoulder and I am feeling optimistic that I won't need surgery for my rotator cuff.  Yahoo!  I am crossing my fingers.  Yesterday, I watched a show on Netflix called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and I am feeling inspired again to do some housekeeping.  My house is clean don't get me wrong, but since living in Germany in an apartment with just the essentials living in my house here in Georgia I just feel unsettled. I bagged up three bags of items to go to charity and I need to continue going through stuff until I can find a happy medium.  Below are some photos from my week in Hawaii.  Hope you have a wonderful week.  See you back here soon.

Sunset on Sunset Beach

The Hawaii Temple at Night

Visiting with Emily-Thanks for storing our luggage!

Beach Swinging


Lunch at Pounders!  So delicious!  I had the fish tacos!  Yummy!  Frank enjoyed this Ahi Tuna Salad.

A trip to Hawaii just wouldn't be a trip without a flower lei.

I am pretty sure Malasadas are straight from heaven.  So delicious!
Leonardos or Penny's

Meeting up with High School friends is always fun!


Alicia said…
Beautiful photos! Welcome home! I guess it is the time for organization...I'm still trying to put away Christmas decorations! They multiply every year!
Annsterw said…
Welcome home! That ahi tuna salad looks absolutely divine! I had fresh ahi on my last trip to Hawaii and it was out of this world!!! I love the leis...I did not get one when I went there and kind of missed it :-(
I always love bumping into old friends!!!! Anything!
Have a great week! Annster's Domain
italiafinlandia said…
The little ladies with flower lei are so pretty!
All the best!
William Kendall said…
I find the temple particularly fascinating.
Welcome home and it usually does time to re-adjust after such fun travel. Glad to read you may not need shoulder surgery. I am always looking through our stuff fir things that can be donated. I have seen a couple of the Netflix episodes with Marie K and don’t mind the subtitles too much.
I have added Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to my watch list on Netflix and hoping that it gives me some tips on how to declutter - desperately need to do this! Hope the appointment goes well and physio continues to work!
thank you for sharing series of beautiful photos of your trip to Hawaii.
have a great day
Linda said…
Good luck with your shoulder. I went in for rotator cuff surgery and it turned out I had adhesions that need to be cut. PT on the shoulder can be very painful.

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