Kaleci "Old Town" Turkey"

After heading to the waterfall, our driver took us to the port of Kaleci also known as Old Town.  As we came around the corner and headed down the hill, I was blown away by it's beauty.  My heart began to sing.  I wish we would have had time to take a harbour cruise, but we had to get back because our babysitter meter was running out. One of the cruises they offer is to see the lower falls of Duden Falls which spills into the ocean.  If we ever go back, I am for sure going to book us a cruise to see the falls.  I am also going to bring my swim suit to go swim in the ocean.  Then I am going to follow it up by an amazing fish dinner in one of the many charming restaurants that line the street of the port. One thing I was pretty impressed by, was Turkey's ability to accept multiple money currency's we had euros with us, but had we come from the states they would have taken our dollars.  Actually, let me take that statement back as I did not try using euros in a small town in a local supermarket, but at least at the tourist destinations they were able to easy accept euros.  I would also love to go back at night.  The port dates back to 159 b.c. and Paul the apostle was known to have walked the streets. Well, it is past midnight here in Germany. I have had a long day ahead sadly with my wallet being stolen at an amusement park. Tomorrow I have to get up early and file a police report, cancel credit cards, and file for a replacement of my equivalent of a green card.  Waaah!  Stupid people! Come back and visit me on Friday though and you can see our trip to Heiropolis and Pumukkale. A must must see if you ever go to Turkey!


DUTA said…
From my experience - it's best to have and use local money.
As for safety - I keep my 'big' money , passport and credit card on my body (usually in the leg safe - a special sock or socks on both legs, under the pants). For small expenses I'll keep some money in the pocket/s with zipper, of a vest or pants(no purse to take out, forget, or get stolen.).There are thieves anywhere.
betty-NZ said…
What a lovely place for history!
Tom said…
...Kelleyn, The port dating back to 159 b.c. certainly used a new meaning to old! Around here is something 250 years old, that's old. Thanks so much for stopping by, please stop back when you can.
Minoru Saito said…
Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
I doubt I will ever get to Turkey. So thank you for taking us there. Happy travels and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.
This world is such an awesomely beautiful place. Enjoyed your sharing of your photos. Sounds like a great time.

Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

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