Dinner in Como

Have you ever wanted to hop on a flight and go somewhere for dinner like Paris for example?  I  know it is a totally unrealistic dream. I am not a spring chicken anymore, so the idea of sitting on a plane for hours just to turn around and go home does not sound like fun anymore. Let's not begin to talk about jet lag. When our hotel in Zurich turned out to be a lemon, my husband went on the Internet to find us another hotel room; however, all the hotels were either booked or we couldn't afford them. We came to the conclusion that we should move on to Italy.  Lake Como is just over the Swiss-Italy border and would bring us 4 hours closer to our next destination.  I have to say if you are only going to be somewhere overnight Lake Como isn't too shabby of a place to go hang out! Once we checked into our hotel we headed over to the Lake where we ate dinner and the children played at the playground along the waterfront. The children had so much fun!!!!!! We left in the morning to head on to Cinque Terre.


It was a great idea to go to Como. All the photos of Como that I've see have always made me want to visit.
Glad you managed to make better arrangements! Love your idea of jumping on a plane to an exotic location ;-)
Anonymous said…
Smart husband you have:)Kids look like they're loving it! Heard about Lake Como from a Dutch friend who married an Italian. That's her favorite place -maybe cooler, than like Sicily? Wishing you loads of fun from All Seasons and a great stay in Cingue Terre:)
Unknown said…
This is the best option that you can afford in that situation, glad to read this experience, thanks for sharing this post.
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Jeanna said…
Sorry you got a lemon and moving on is a good idea. I'd spend as much time in Italy as possible, but then it's the only place I've been. Lake Como sounds fantastic. I hear you, zipping off a few towns over for dinner is enough for me.
Anonymous said…
We got to spend one day there a few years back - beautiful. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time there. It's evident by the big smiles. :-)
Okay...so you are living my dream! I agree, long plane rides are not my bag but I think I could make an exception for someplace amazing like Italy!

Your kids are adorbs!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Jane xxx
Marja said…
What a wonderful adventure. Zurich is indeed very expensive We used airBnB, but Italy is even better Great pictures The children are so cute They must have a ball
Tom said…
...two little cuties!

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