HI!  We are off to explore Frankfurt today, but before we go catch the train I wanted to post some of our photos of our trip to Legoland here in Germany.  A year ago, we gave the children the option of opting out of big birthday parties for a small home party in exchange for the opportunity to go to Legoland, and they all agreed it was a good idea. I am actually still in shock how inexpensive the trip was in comparison to Disneyland.  2 days of Legoland was half the price of one day at Disney. Since Legoland is a 4-hour drive south of where we are living we choose to stay overnight, and we stayed in the Legoland hotel which looked like a castle. The kids thought it was the bomb.  You can actually get a package deal if you visit the website. In the morning we were also served a fantastic buffet breakfast fit for a king. Another fun part of our visit was that it was Star War days and so there were lots of people dressed in costumes.


Looks like great family fun. There is a Legoland here in Florida, but I've never made it there.
Heidi said…
Liebe Kelleyn,
dass es Euch und vor allem den Kindern im Lego-land Freude gemacht hat, das kann man sehr gut auf Deinen schönen Bildern sehen!!!
Es ist auch wirklich ein ganz fantastisches Erlebnis, an das Ihr mit Sicherheit immer wieder gerne zurückdenkt!
Alles Liebe
Jeanna said…
Just look at all that Lego stuff, even Lego ducks. Some incredible displays.

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