Located only about 25 minutes from our house, Lochmuhle is a fun place to take ones 10 and under crowd.  Even taking Roman was kind of pushing it as some of the activities he found to be absolutely boring. Lochmuhle is hard to explain as it a combination of petting farm, playground, and amusement park all wrapped up in one. One of the cool features about the park is that you can reserve one of the many grill spots and cook your own food or even have a birthday party.  Another great thing about the park is the price.  If I can remember correctly, it was just a little more than 50 euros for the 5 of us to attend, and no additional fees once you get in the door except if you want to eat lunch or get a treat. One more thing that I love is that there are not a gazillion gift shops, so your children aren't going to be begging you for a toy or t-shirt.  We will be definitely going back, and I forgot the children didn't wait more than a couple of minutes to go on any of the rides which are an additional reason to go back in my books.


Unknown said…
It seems a nice place to visit with children, also you can visit this park with adults. This park offers much variety to do some good activities with our dearest ones. Thanks for sharing this information about this awesome place.
Want to visit this place with my friends for a small get together and by reading this post it looks that having a small get-together in this park we can have the best party ever.
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Anonymous said…
It looks like the kids are having a lot of fun! Yeah, remember, a minute per year is the attention span of (the average) child.
They know how to make money with all these gift shops there:):) Many thanks for sharing the fun with All Seasons - have a great week, Kelleyn:)
carol l mckenna said…
What beautiful children in a delightful fun place ~ ^_^

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting ~ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^
DeniseinVA said…
A wonderful place to take the children to. Loved those happy, smiling faces.
123design.me said…
This is a really wonderful family day (I think so).
The Headerphoto is so great!
Greetings from Germany

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