Swim Wear for Big and Littles

I know swim season is almost over for some of you as I have some friends in the states whose kids start school next week; however, it is never too late to think about next year.  It is actually a great time to find great deals and I will be searching for next years suits sometime this week.  This year Tea Collection won my affection.  These fish swims suits with the black striped bottoms were just too cute to say no.  Now if I were much skinnier,  I would have bought these swimsuits.  It is a shame I am so big chested.  Land End won again this year; however, I also thought Lime Ricki had some really cute suits this year and they are totally modest.  I also want to give a shout out to Boden because that is where I bought the girls suits last year and I think I will probably be hitting up their sales for next year.  Where do you like to shop for suits?  Are you a beach girl or a pool girl!  While hands down I prefer the pool going to the beach is a must for our family because it is the only place we can stay from 10 a.m. till 6 p..m. without the children getting bored.  They love to dig in the sand, make castles, cover each other up, and look for crabs and starfish in the rocky coves. Well, I better go.  Cross your fingers and pray we find a car this week. We have to turn in our rental car on the first and this means I will be without a car for a month until my husband gets back from Georgia.  See you back here soon!


Sweet photos, lovely smiles! I am pool swimmer, too afraid of the ocean. Good luck with the car.

shayndel said…
So adorable in their matching suits !! Happy summer!

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