Today I opened my email box to a message from our sons school that said,"Caps and gown are in and they will be distributed during 4th period."  Reading that message was like getting hit in the stomach with a brick because that makes my son graduating in one month so real.  I haven't really thought so much about him graduating as we have had so much to do to prepare of our move to Germany; however, in one month he will be graduating. My baby has grown up!  I posted a picture on my instagram account of  my son in his tuxedo and a friend who knew him from birth said, " I can't believe that baby who cried all the time is now a grown man."  It is true that little baby cried almost his whole first six months. I didn't think I would survive. He then turned into a very smart and busy toddler who had me on my toes 24 hours a day. I couldn't turn my back for a second or he was drawing sailboats on our living room wall, smearing diaper cream all over himself, or swinging from my mother's curtains declaring himself to be spiderman. I knew he was smart around 16 month when one day he lost a ball behind our armour and instead of crying and pointing his finger at the ball he went into the kitchen and grabbed the soup spoon out of the utensil drawer and used it to scoop the ball out. We worried all through elementary school as he had his teachers stumped as what to do with him because he was bored out of his brains and would always get into trouble. It wasn't until middle school that we felt we could take a breath as he found the world of Robotics and that seemed to feed his brain and energy.  As I sit here writing this, the baby who became a boy who is now a man and will soon graduate is downtown at a Entrepreneur meeting introducing himself and his web design business to the community. On Saturday night he took his friend Madigan to the prom. When you are a new mom you never believe the other moms who have gone before you and tell you to cherish every moment because you never think they are ever going to grow up, but as the saying goes, "babies don't keep." It is true!  They don't and in one month this boy of mine will be saying bye to high school and hello to the adventure called college.


kksharma said…
Looking smart and stunning photos you shared.
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NCSue said…
Great shots!
Thanks for joining the party at
molly said…
What a handsome young man

Anonymous said…
What a marker in life, and such happiness! If you're reading this too late (although there's still time till 7 pm today, Pacific time),
hope you think of linking one of these prom pics to ALL SEASONS:) next week! Have a great week of smooth sailing with the packing!
Lady Fi said…
Time goes by far too fast!
Buckeroomama said…
Aw, time does fly, doesn't it? :)

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