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I honestly can't believe that Easter has come and gone and we are all ready more than a 1/4 into the New Year. In 7 weeks, we will be boarding a plane for Germany where will will live the next year.  I am so excited!  I am thrilled that the children will have a chance to get to know their Oma and Opa better, but also their aunt and cousin.  Most importantly though that the children will be immersed in their fathers native language.  I can't wait to see their language ability take off.  Cleaning up my iPhone I wanted to share some of these photos before I forget this crazy but exciting time in our lives.

Addy's teacher sent me these cut photos of her
trip to the children's museums! 
 Looks like she was having fun!

Recently, the boys had the opportunity to spend the day at Porsche.  Can you tell how excited they were!  Porsche treated them with first class and they had so much fun.

Before surgery!  

Harris spent his whole spring break on the couch.
  Poor guy had his wisdom teeth out.

About a month ago, I got my hair done at Drybar for an event I was going to!  I loved how it turned out!  Lulu rocks!

Just a few more photos from our trip to Florida, I love the girls swimsuits this year!

Twice a year, my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) holds a conference for it's member that spans the weekend.  When I was younger we used to watch the conference via satellite at the church building; however today you can watch it from the comfort of your own home via the Internet.  You can watch it live or later.  We were on our way back from Florida, so I ended up watching it at a later date.  My 3 favorite talks were by Gary Sabin who talked about being all in when it comes to our love for the Savior, my next favorite was by Yoon Choi who wrote about where are you focusing up or all around you when it comes to having a relationship with Heavenly Father. My last but not least favorite is written is this talk by Uchdorf.  He always delivers every time in bringing us close to the Saviours love! Loved how he talked about Gods works through Love and not fear.  To read more, go to LDS.org

A couple of weeks ago, I launched my website for my photography business.  So excited to have my photography photos all in one place and to open myself up for potentially more business. You can find my site here.  Well, it is late and I barely can keep my eyes open.  Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


NCSue said…
OW Harris - hope you're feeling better!
Thank you for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/04/making-dangerous-situation-kid-friendly.html.
Ich wunsche euch eine gute Reise. :-)

I have always wanted to go to Germany so I feel jealous. I hope you all have a great trip and stay there.

Greetings from London.

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