A Day at Universal

A few months ago, my husband was trying to find a way to motivate our son Roman to read books. While he is a very good reader, he just didn't love reading. Once in a while he would bring a book home from school and read it, but anytime we would ask him to read he would pretty much drag his feet.  Anyway, he challenged Roman to read the whole Harry Potter series.  He then promised him that if he read the books we would take him to Universal Studios.  Maybe it is wrong to pretty much bribe him, but it worked.  He picked up the first book and read it over the course of three days.  Then he found out his best friend was doing the same thing and he was thrilled.  While he didn't quiet finish all the books.  He is pretty close and we know he will do it now that his BFF is reading the same books too!  He was so excited that he even dressed up like Harry Potter with spray painted black hair and all.  We spent the good half of the morning in the Harry Potter section drinking butter beer, picking out a wand, and riding the rides.  Then on to the rest of the park. Since the little girls are just too little to ride most of the rides they stayed at the hotel and had a spa day with the Nana.


Holly said…
Looks like a great Mom & Sons day. Have fun.
Anonymous said…
True it was a bribe, but you also taught Roman that reading gives rewards (the ones he can't see yet, right now):) Looks he had fun! Thanks for this sharing this rewarding trip with ALL SEASONS - have a great week Kelleyn! Also thank you for your kind comment:)
Le monde dÖ said…
Every way is good when you have to talk about books ;) Nice idea!!
What a great idea! You got him to read and that's what matters.


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