Easter Rabbits

Easter is almost here and the children are so excited.  Today after school we will make these cupcakes and dye our Easter eggs. Not sure what to think of this Easter bunny cupcake because he looks like a mouse more than a rabbit.  Easter mice are a new trend right?  The bunny is completely overrated!  As much as I tried I just couldn't get those marshmallows to elongate.  Oh well!  They were still pretty tasty.  I used this recipe for the cupcake and boy are they tasty! The ears are made of marshmallow cut in half and dipped in pink sugar and the nose is a mini marshmallow rolled into a ball and dipped into the same sugar.  The eyes are those candy eyes that you can get at any craft store or baking supply company.    Do you have any special plans for Easter?  I am going back and forth whether or not I should do  a big dinner or not as we have so much going on the next couple of months.  I guess I need to figure that out pretty quickly.  On Saturday, we are going to go to a local park for an Easter Egg Hunt and then afterwords participate in the city wide day of service where we will help spruce up our local parks.  Happy Easter!


Alicia said…
I love the idea of an Easter Mouse! Very unique. Sounds like you have a fun holiday planned. Both my kids are grown and so far have not given me any grandchildren so I will probably just BBQ and see who wants to come over. Happy Easter!
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EricaSta said…
A funny idea! Happy Easter, too.
Debbie said…
you may be able to get the bunny cupcake to look more like a bunny, check pinterest. i never understood the whole bunny thing for easter, or the eggs...it's not like bunnies lay eggs!!!

and i am not a huge fan of easter egg hunts because my children were never aggressive enough. BUT they were not permanently scarred at 33 & 34 they are ok. my great nieces are going to an egg hunt tomorrow and i will cheer them on and keep my mouth shut about my dislike for the hunts - and just enjoy seeing them!!!
This Easter bunny looks so delicious ! Yummi.
Best, Synnöve
Lowell said…
I've not seen Easter mice before. Very cute.
Ela said…
Your Easter rabbit looks so delicious !!
Happy Easter, dear friend !!
NatureFootstep said…
love your rabbit. And, it does not eat your garden :)

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