Principal Pal

If you remember just about a month ago, Addy finally read her first sentence.  Reading did not come easy for her, but with the amazing help of her teacher, school specialist, and additional work here at home she finally read her first book. Since that date, Addy has taken off and she has completely caught up to her kindergarten class. It has been amazing to see how far she has come along.  The school had a ceremony this week to recognize students throughout the school for different achievements.  Addy was recognized for her hard work, for not giving up, and for being a positive role model to her her fellow students.  She was so thrilled!  We are so proud of her and are grateful that she had a wonderful teacher who went the extra mile to make sure she wasn't lost in the system. So three cheers for teachers, and three cheers for Addy!  We love her to the moon and back!


Alicia said…
That's wonderful! I bet you are so proud of her. A great big wonderful world of books is waiting for her :)
A little doll:) So smart..Bravo!!
DUTA said…
Yes , you can girl! Reading will introduce you to a wonderful world.
She looks the perfect child reader of the family and of her class. Congratulations for the Principal award!
Rhonda Albom said…
Congratulations Addy. Reading opens up the world. One of my girls was a late reader, but now we can't get books out of her hands.
Sharon Wagner said…
Being all caught up is a good place to be.
You must be so proud of Addy. And what a darling she is.
Stewart M said…
Looks like a big day for a small person!

Reading does not come easy to all of us - congratulations.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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