Saturday Fun

Last Saturday after German School, the girls went to their Nana's house for a slumber party, Winston went to play Basketball at the church, and Roman and I hooked up with our friend Nadja to play a couple of rounds of Bowling. Silly me explained to Nadja where she was suppose to aim her ball for and that was the end of it because she kicked our booties in both rounds. We still had fun! Afterwards we went for a short little hike to see this waterfall and the Cotton Mill Ruins that are today converted into a bridal reception hall. I am still not sure how it happened, but Roman fell in the river and so on the way to pick up Winston we had to stop and buy Roman some new clothes before we headed off to see the movie A Dogs Purpose.  Loved the movie!  I cried a few times!  Definitely bring a box of tissues. It was a fun filled day!  It is so nice having Nadja in town right now. She lives in Austria, but her company has her working in Atlanta on  a project. Well, it has been a long day and I am tired. Hope you had a good weekend!  Are you planning on watching the Superbowl? I am totally torn as the Patriots are my team, but then I live here in Atlanta and it would be fun to have a victory for my city and to have the underdog win.  May the best team win!!!!


Edit said…
What a great day, Kelleyn! I always just admire the way you organize your family's life. You are a super mom. :)
Have a lovely Sunday!
Dear Kelleyn,
thank you for visiting my page and I'm happy that you had such a great day. I wish you also a great Sunday and a lot of fun.

Many greetings
Anonymous said…
Am not a football fan, but I heard plenty about it from friends on the internet! By now you know that your fave team won:) The most heard comment was that it was "election night all over again"!
Wow, that was a scare when Roman fell into the river! Thanks for sharing your weekend with ALL SEASONS! Have a fun filled week:)
Sharon said…
I love that your kids are taking German. I wish I knew more German myself! And congrats to your favorite team and their stunning win!
Benita said…
Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! While I didn't have a dog in the Super Bowl fight, it was a great game! :-)
Klara S said…
Day was full of fun and adventures!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for visiting and I have enjoyed "meeting" you and your family. Oh, it's been 40 years since I went bowling! lol

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