Fort Federica

The pool wasn't quite warm enough to go swimming in and while the children had fun playing in the hotel hot tub, it was apparent we were going to need so other forms of entertainment.  As we were driving unto St. Simmons Island I saw a sign for Fort Federica and made a mental note for us to visit it if we had time.  While this fort is not nearly as impressive as the one in St. Augustine, it was very crucial to establishing the dividing lines between England and Spain.  The children had fun roaming the grounds,  and the visitor center had a great little movie and fun activities for the children to participate in. Addy really had fun dressing up in the old costumes.  I could have honestly spend a morning laying out on a blanket there because the air was so intoxicating between the new grass mixed with the smell of the ocean and a hint of orange blossom.  The park was free which was even better.  Definately worth a visit!


ak_ut said…
looks like you had a great time :-)
Rajesh said…
Wonderful coverage of the fort. Nice shots.
Helma said…
The ruin I find beautiful to see. I like that there. Beautiful old castle and cannon :-) The children also have very many fun. Funny to see the oranges on the trees. In the Netherlands they do not grow on trees. We can buy them in the store alone.
Greetings, Helma

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