Lady and Sons

Before we hit St. Simmons we spent the night in Savannah.  I figured 5 hours in the car was long enough and also we had planned to visit with some friends from our adoption community before moving along.  Sadly, we never got to see or friends as they were too busy on Friday and by Saturday morning Roman took a trip to the Urgent Care because he had the a stomach bug and couldn't stop throwing up.  Poor guy!  Anyway, a trip to Savannah wouldn't be a trip to Savannah without a visit to Lady and Sons which is just one of the restaurants Paul Dean (a Food Network TV chef).  It was her first restaurant and really launched her career as a chef.  If you are looking for a really traditional down south meal than Lady and Sons is the place to go!  The Okra is amazing, the chicken super crispy, the sweet potatoes are beyond yummy and the list goes on. In most cases you need to make a reservation as the restaurant can have a line all the way down the block, but since it wasn't the busy season and it was 2 p.m. at the time we arrived we were able to just walk right in and take a seat. Let me tell you I walked out of there in a happy food coma.


Now I'm hungry :-)
Buckeroomama said…
Hope Roman's feeling all better now.

Southern fried chicken --yum!!
Klara S said…
I hope Roman got better. Food looks delicious and children are happy, which is the most important thing. Have a wonderful weekend.
Sharon said…
Savannah is on my bucket list! I would love to visit.

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