Jekyl Island

Jekyl Island turned out to be everything I dreamed it would be and much more!  It is my favorite place here in Georgia.  So magical.  I can pretty much say it won't be our last time to this beautiful island.  There are bike paths for days and the beaches are uncrowded. We hung out a beach called Driftwood Beach, and while the water was freezing the children could have cared less.  They had so much fun playing in the sand, climbing the giant trees, and looking for crabs in the tide pools. Till next time Jekyl Island.


Mandy said…
I have yet to explore Jekyll Island despite being from Georgia. It's on my bucket list though. One day. :)
It looks gorgeous and so do the children:)
I have been..about 40 yrs ago.. it was on a day trip..from the Cloister at Sea Island..that was superb also.
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
The driftwood is the perfect background for the kids! Looks like a very interesting place to visit. Happy for you, you had a time to relax and have fun!
Thank you for your unwavering presence on ALL SEASONS and to celebrate the first year anniversary with us:)
See you changed your header -great to have a shot of everyone! (can't tell if this is also another blog background?)
Great photos! Love all the driftwood!! We got to Savannah but not Jekyll Island, next time!
Buckeroomama said…
Isn't it funny how the cold doesn't bother the kids?
Daniela said…
Thanks most sincerely for visiting, dear friend, and thanks for your nice words on my blog too, they really bless my heart !

Your children are so very lovely, thank you for sharing their smiles with us today !

As for the text of my posts, if you scroll down the page, you can find the English version of every article I write ready to be read, it's just above the comments, probably you haven't seen it ... you have to know that the translations from Italian the web does are so awful, they put upside down the meaning of so many phrases, that's why I do prefer to do it by myself :) !

Wishing you a beautiful remainder of your week

XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)
Bob Bushell said…
Lovely children, and they forever smiling.
betty-NZ said…
I've always heard how lovely the place it and your photos certainly prove that! The little faces are so adorable.

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