Salt to the Sea

There was a time when I devoured books like a really great meal, but then I began my family and the number of books I read decreased each year.  I love reading, but at night when I find I have the time to read I often fall asleep.  I have even been known to read the same page multiple times because I was so tired when reading a page I couldn't remember what I had read.  This year I decided to join a book club to motivate me to read more and watch less TV.  Somehow, I missed the first book of the year, but that is OK because I had all ready read the book which was Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.  This months book was Salt to the Sea which is a young adult read but you most certainly don't feel like it is a young adult book.  The subject matter is very mature though if you are looking for graphic material or swear words this book won't offer you that. Set at the end of WWII this book introduces you to 4 teens/late teens whose paths cross as they are fleeing Prussia from  the advancing Russian Troops.  Their journey is definately not a cake walk. The story is one of survival and heartbreak. I enjoyed this book not only because it was an easy read, but when reading about about WWII one usually reads from the German perspective or the Jewish perspective, but we often forget about all the other countries involved.  The book certainly is poignent at the moment with all the refugees fleeing Syria.  Makes you wonder what their journeys have been like.  While the story is fictional the story is based on true historical facts.  Any of the characters could have been real people during that time. The author does a great job developing the characters while educating us about what occured toward the end of the war.  I would definately recommend this book!  Up next on my list is the Whistler by John Grisham.  Love his books!  He is such an amazing storyteller! I am also reading the third book in the Harry Potter series with my 9 year old.  Fun to read the books again as there are so many details which they left out in the movies. I read them with my oldest son, but have forgotten so much. What is on your reading list? 


Buckeroomama said…
I find myself turning to junior fiction sometimes in-between my regular reads. Right now, I am starting "A Room Swept White" by Sophie Hannah. Don't know how good it'll be, but I was intrigued by the blurb.

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