First Weekend In January

Hi1  Hope you had a good weekend.  The jury is still out on mine.  I don't want to sound ungrateful because I know my problems are really pretty trivial, but the first week of January hasn't exactly gone the way I had hoped and planned.  The children didn't go back to school until Thursday and then a weather warning was issued and school was cut short on Friday for impending snow.  Well, the snow never really came. It was suppose to hit around 4 p.m. and my son Roman even sat in his snow clothes waiting for it to come, but we didn't see any flakes until around 9 p.m. and then just as fast as the flakes started the rain came down and froze on top of it. Needless to say the children were pretty grumpy when there plans to go sledding were not realize.  The only positive note was that our friend Nadja is in town and we were able to go to lunch and the movies with her.  We saw Hidden Figures which is about three African American woman who were crucial to the American space program.  I loved the movie.  The frozen rain sure did look pretty too!  Well, I am off to church.  I hope it will lift my spirits, and hopefully this week I will be able to get the things I wanted to accomplish done. Have a great week.  


Gee we don't have any leaves what so every hanging on any branches what so every.
It been a while since I had my son in school but I believe school start Monday or less there to much snow.
Coffee is on
Anonymous said…
Sorry you did not get the snow the children were hoping for. We got 5 inches of snow over the weekend. Oddly enough it is to be 50 degrees later next week. Crazy weather. When you get to Germany there should be some cold Winter weather and snow. Tell Roman - the best is yet to come!
Lovely wintry shots - I wish we had some snow over here!
betty-NZ said…
These are some great winter shots. Definitely a sign to us that nothing is forever.
Unknown said…
Sorry your week didn't turn out as expected, but your images are so very lovely. It's like walking in a fairytale land. Hope the rest of Jan is better for you.

Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens
Kay G. said…
So sorry about the snow! When I looked out the window on Saturday morning, I could almost feel the disappointment from all the children in Atlanta!
A suggestion...have you ever taken them to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain? They make the snow from Stone Mountain lake, you know, and as it is in the shadow of Stone Mountain, they have snow there until sometime in March. Your kids could play in the snow! :-)
Anonymous said…
Sorry Kelleyn - sometimes it is that way, isn't it? So am wishing some pleasant surprises for you this year:):)

Love your nature post! And thank you for sharing these beautiful iced over leaves and branches with ALL SEASONS(It must be a cinch for you, compared to photographing people, which is - I think - much harder:))
Hope this week things will go better!

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