Happy New Year

Hi!  How are you?  Did you have a good New Years Eve!  We went to lunch with some good friends of ours from our days when we lived in Seattle.  It was so good to see Stan and Matt. They were here to go to the Peach Bowl to see the Huskies (University of Washington) play against Alabama. We ate at our favorite restaurant Baronda.  Afterwards, I went and did some grocery shopping and then came home to play with the children. Harris took the little kids outside around 8 p.m. to shoot off some fireworks and do sparklers. Winston had his friend Max over and then they went to the church dance. Frank was too tired to stay up which left Roman and I counting down the New Year while watching the ball drop on TV in New York City.  I was kind of glad we didn't have any plans to go out as it was raining and I was tired.  Do you have any resolutions for the New Year?  I don't do resolutions as I am bound to break them a day or laterer. I know so many people were looking for 2016 to be over as they felt it was a hard year; however, I choose to be grateful that I was here to live it and choose to see it from the half full perspective. I mean how can we complain as Ivy came into our lives in 2016 and what a blessing that has been. Well, I better get the girls off to bed.  I stayed up too late last night binge watching Mad Men on Netflix and I am tired. Happy New Year!


Vilt og vakkert said…
Heisann, I went by car for 2 hours to friends of ours to stay with them through the New Year´s Eve. My husband staid home with the dog and cat! Everyone was happy!
Great to have good friends on such an occasion ;:OD)
I wish you all a happy and peaceful new year which started sadly.... for some people, think of them in Istanbul...
NCSue said…
I was watching the inside of my eyelids when it became 2017!
Thanks for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/01/church-of-primacy-of-peter.html, and have a wonderful year!
Anonymous said…
Good, I don't do any resolutions either, but I do set (realistic) goals for the year:) Me thinks, in the USA it was a hard year for everyone in some ways. But you see the positive sides too:):) An Ivy is a big blessing in your life/family. Great to have some time together with friends. Appreciate your honest sharings for ALL SEASONS over the year, Kelleyn:):) A happy New Year to you and your family!
I had a lot of fun reading your post. You had a very nice day and I love the photo accompanying it - all those big smiles... is great.
Oh dear, I don't make any resolutions either, but I do set small realistic goals for the year.

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