A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Hi!  Hope you are having a great week.  The sun has come up,I have a banana cake in the oven, and my spirits feel lifted.  Let's just pray the cake comes out.  I haven't been on my baking "A" game lately.  The kids tend to distract me and I end up not measuring correctly.  Also, the recipe is something I found on the internet, so you just never know.  Ivy is finally feeling better which means we are all just a little happier.  She is pretty cranky when she gets sick.  Good news for the week is that my son Harris won first place in the regional FBLA championships for entrepenurship.  He will no go on to the state competition in March.  So lots on my mind this week, but I am still trying to shift through all of it.  One is we are still waiting for our application for an apartment to be accepted in Germany.  Let's cross our fingers as I am not ready to go back to the drawing board in looking for an apartment.  Will show you pictures as soon as we get a yes back from the owners of the apartment. Anyway, here are some pictures that have been floating around on my 1-phone for months.

Photos from the holidays, Sisters, wsays it isn't all unicorns and rainbows, fall leaves, World Adoption Day, a football game with dad  (Georgia Tech against Miami) and a visit with a friend Michal.  Roman made slime with his friend James which was a total failure, but he still had fun trying to make it.  Well, I gotta go pick up the children from school have a good day.


Wonderful photos and impressions of your family and events.
Best, Synnöve

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