Hi!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  We have had a pretty relaxing week around here as we stayed put and didn't travel anywhere this fall break. I mean to be honest after traveling so much this summer, I am a little burnt out, so we decided to make this week a staycation.  On Monday, a little boy who lived in the same orphanage as Avery and his mom came to visit from Alabama.  It was so fun meeting them and getting to know their family.  We choose to meet up at the aquarium.  It was the first time for this little boy, Avery, and Ivy.  They all loved it! Afterwards we played in Centennial Park for a good hour or so and then it was time to come home. On another note, it has been 8 months today since we added Ivy to our family.  The time is flying by fast!  It feels like she has always been with us and with each day passing we adore her even more.



Anonymous said…
Great to see all these confident and cheerful kids' faces! All because of you, your hubby and another set of parents:) Since I live in "vacation land" with a ski resort 15 min. away and in a few hours from a Nat. park and San San Francisco, we stay around here. We have done so much travel in our lives, am happy and satisfied! Great captures by the way, an love that one yellow creature underwater and sharing your outing with ALL SEASONS! Thank you for taking the time, Kelleyn, I appreciate it. Have a memorable week!

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