What to watch?

I am certainly enjoying the daylight in the morning hours as it is nice not to have to take the kids to the bus stop in the dark, but on the other hand having it pitch black by 6:30-7:00 is tough too. It is finally cold enough here to wear sweaters and we have even turned on the fireplace a couple of nights.  I don't know if you are like me, but it can feel overwhelming to scroll through the movies at the Red Box machine, on Netflix, or on iTunes and wonder what I should watch.  These days reading a book just isn't much of an option as it takes me so long to get through a book that I forget details from the beginning.  More than ever finding good movies and TV programming is difficult to find. Good TV programming seemed to die with the birth of Reality TV shows. What is a girl to do now that there is no more Downton Abbey?  No worries!  I have a few shows and movies I would like to recommend to you.

The Crown is my new favorite, but since I binged watched through the first season I don't know what I am going to do until more episodes come out.  I love this show.  The show is about Queen Elizabeth's life beginning approximately 2 years prior to her fathers death and her coronation. This is not a documentary, but a TV drama that covers everything from her marriage to Phillip, the scandal of her sisters affair with Peter Townsend, and the end of Winston Churchill's career.  If you like Downton Abbey than you would like this show and is very similar in style to Call of the Midwives.

Inferno still in the movie theaters is actually much better than the book.  Sadly reading the book was worst than getting a root canal, and I loved his other two books Angel and Demons and The Davinci Code.  Now maybe if you were from Florence where the story is set you would not find the book so difficult to read, but I found it very difficult to follow along not being familiar with the landscape of the city.  My mother and I went to see this movie last week and I was presently surprised.  Don't trink to much though because a bathroom break will make you miss key information to understanding the story line. As I said, the story is set in Florence where we find Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital being cared for by Dr. Sienna Brooks suffering from amnesia.  Rest is not in the cards for him though as he is soon on the move trying to solve what happened to him and why their are people chasing after him.  Definitely worth the movie ticket price.

Poldark a BBC series takes place in Northern England just shortly after the revolutionary war. This took me an episode or two before I began to love it, so if you see 15 minutes and aren't sure at least give it to the second episode.  The story begins with the return of Captain Russ Poldark who has returned from America where he fought in the American Revolution only to find that his estate is in ruins and he must bring back the failing copper minds if he is ever to make a go of it.  Aidan Turner who plays Poldark isn't go bad to look at either.

Not much need to be said about the Suffragette.  A history movie drama that educates us the fight and struggle by woman in the U.K. who want to bring about change and in particular change in the ability to freely vote.  On DVD it is worth the rental.

This IS US found on NBC once a week is a bring your box of tissues to the couch kind of show.  Each week the show deals with issues of adoption, abandonment, self worth, and independence.  Not wanting to say much it is so worth the hour in front of the TV .  It is brillant! The story covers the life of a married couple who gives birth to triplets.  Moving back and forth between the past and present.  We fall in love with the characters.

Last but not least,  Hello My Name is Doris is  and sweet tender movie that touches upon the concept of aging and moving on.  Does Doris find love?  Watch and see!  Sally Fields is absolutely brilliant in this movie.

Well, I hope this helps you find some wonderful things to watch on the up an coming cold nights.  Stay warm!  Have a great weekend!  The children are starting to practice for their Christmas programs at German school.  It is so cute!  Can't wait to watch them perform come December.


I've heard a few things about The Crown. I will have to check that out. I love This is Us and I've missed it! So glad it's back on this week. I thought "Doris" was such a cute movie...better than I expected! Poldark looks interesting for sure!
Anonymous said…
Sorry I'm later with my reply! Has to do with prepping for the Open House! Thank you for the suggestions! Still haven't seen the Da Vinci Code, so I myself would go for that first:) Thank so much for taking time to create this post and linking it up to ALL SEASONS! Hab' eine schone Woche:)

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