Moving into November

I can't believe it is already November, the year has gone by so fast and has been filled with many milestones and live changing events like adding Ivy to our family.  We adore her and we are so glad she has come to our family.  I can't believe as we move into the next year, I am going to have a son who graduates and moves on to college.  Then it is on to a year of adventures for us in Germany and neighboring countries.  Right now I am taking advantage that there are no Halloween parties to go and no teacher conferences and things are at least slowing down for the next couple of weeks.  We will have a full house come Thanksgiving.  Should be fun!  Not even thinking about the menu though I need to work on getting my visa for Germany and getting the children's German's passports renewed.  Anyway, this past weekend I had the opportunity to take photos of my friend from German School and her family.  The pictures I think turned out fantastic!  The trees where in all their fall glory!  I feel so blessed to live in a state that has 4 seasons.  Can't wait to enjoy fall in Germany next year and to wear boots, sweaters. drink fresh apple cider, and eat fresh apple cakes. There is nothing like eating a warm Brat Wurst with a Broetchen on  a cold day.  It really hits the spot.  Well, I hope you have a great weekend.


riitta k said…
Whata beautiful family you have! Wishing you a lovely week!
Anonymous said…
Much activity - success in prepping for Germany! You have your work cut out for you:) You are doing so well in family portraits - they're beautiful!Thank you so much for sharing your life with ALL SEASONS - much appreciated:) Have a fantastic week -that all may go smooth and well!
NCSue said…
I agree with Ritta - you have a lovely family.
Thanks for sharing at

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