Friends with Babies

Our season of life with little babies is over and to be honest I am thankful.  At least until we have grandchildren and I think we are at least 10 years away from that season.  On Thanksgiving our friends came over with their son who I have photographed in the past.  He is now walking and so adorable. Right before dinner I took him and his family down the street for a quick photo shoot. It was so sweet to watch my girls play with him later that day.  My favorite memory of that day is feeding him off my plate, and to my surprise he loved the cranberry sauce.


He is adorable! Your friends have a very expressive child. You will love becoming a grandparent someday---all of the joy and much less of the work -- smile
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Such an adorable little fellow.
krishna said…
Aww!! the toddler is so adorable...

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