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My photography business has really taken off.  I am booked until the end of this year, and for some time I have felt that I need a separate website for my photos.  The thing was I could never find a name that I was happy with and to be honest my name is difficult to spell and to pronounce.I would find a name for my business that I  thought could work, but when I would do research the name was taken.  Right before I left for China, I had a moment of inspiration and have now settled on the name. I just need to find the time to purchase the url and set up the site.  I am contemplating hiring someone to do it for me as parts of it are beyond my computer expertise.  Slowly but surely all my work will be transferred to the new site, but for now their home will have be this site.  Last week I had the opportunity to shoot photos for my neighbor for next year's Christmas.  Sadly the location we had choose was extremely busy and we ran out of time to complete the shoot.  We will do this come fall when things cool down; however, here is a sample of the photos that were taken.


Sharon said…
Hello -- I found you o the image-in-ing link party and clicked because I love the name of your blog! I see that you are in the process of redoing your blog. I am too, and I'm playing with tag lines about travel. Fun, fun! Your photos of this family are lovely.
Good luck with your photography business! It sounds like you are already on your way to success.
Sharon Wagner said…
A thriving photography business sounds wonderful. Good luck with your new site!
simply bev said…
I look forward to seeing your new site! Keep us posted!
Buckeroomama said…
Lovely, lovely photos! So happy to hear about your business. Wishing you all the best.
Holly said…
Your header picture is amazing, I have always admired your photographing and it's inspiring that is now a business.
Srivi said…
Lovely pictures!
Good luck with your new site :) Will look forward to it!

Srivi | The Piscean Me

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