Adelaide Graduates

Adelaide graduated from preschool that is!!!!  Thank goodness!  I am not ready for her to leave home just yet!  She still has two more weeks of school, but because there is so much going on right now the teachers wanted to make sure there were not conflicts of interest so that all the parents could attend. I can't believe in the fall she will be in kindergarten.  It seems like yesterday I was bringing that 4 pound 3 ounce baby home from the hospital.  I love watching her grow.  She is super creative and loves to paint.  She loves to play outside and she loves to swim.  She is not much of a TV girl and that is OK.  She is bossy and strong and we love her to pieces.  Congratulations sweet girl!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Do you have anything fun planned.  We have one last soccer game and end of season party, Frank returns home after 12 days in Florida, and tomorrow is the last day of German school and there is a big carnival to celebrate.  I made a cherry cheesecake.  


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