Key Largo

The obsession with scuba diving started out slow when Frank attended a Boy Scott camp two years ago with Harris, and then Winston got certified and more trips followed.  These past 12 days Frank has been in Key Largo, Florida obtaining his Master Scuba diving certification.  Who would have thought a passion was born two years ago.  Frank really loves the peace scuba diving gives him.  It is like the yoga of the see because you really do need to focus on your breathing and what you are doing at the moment.  You don't have the luxury of thinking about what you did at work earlier in the day or who did what to whom because if you don't stay present you could find yourself in serious trouble; especially, when you dive as deep as he does.  You find peace when you dive and for Frank who is such an overachiever and constantly working it is a good thing.  We missed him and glad he is home, but at the same time we are so proud of his achievement in earning his certification.  Here are a few photos of his surroundings in Key Largo.


Anonymous said…
Some years are filled with graduations, eh? And we are thankful and proud of each accomplishment! It's a very good thing to know what makes us feel peaceful.

Just reminding you of Seasons. Before you linked up with the photo on Wednesday, so I don't know if you realize linking starts on Sunday (12 am) and runs to Wednesday 7pm. So, I'll "see" you very soon:) Have a great upcoming week!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your kind comment, and also for being a part of SEASONS with the Scuba diving.
One of my friends told me each week what she had to do in the process of getting her certificate (I knew there was no way I wanted to try it, logging 80 lb. with you, under water:) ) For me painting is my peaceful thing:)
This week you made plenty in time Kelleyn, ha ha (am not really laughing at you, when you have kids, some days can be really crazy!) See you back for the next one, and have a great week ahead!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, my hubby loves to scuba dive and snorkel. Looks like your hubby enjoyed his time in beautiful Key Largo. Wonderful photos! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
I like snorkeling, the two times I've done it. I've often wondered what it would be like to scuba dive.
betty-NZ said…
I've never wanted to do underwater stuff but I can imagine it's a lot of fun!
Ida said…
Congrats to Frank. The area looks beautiful. I think it would be neat to do underwater diving but then I can't swim so that might not work for me.
I scrolled back since I'm new to your blog. Congrats to your husband and thanks for the beautiful pictures from the Florida Keys! We don't dive, but that area is gorgeous from land (or a boat) too! Thanks. Liked the comparison of this sport to Yoga -- I do that and agree with what you say about the feelings it brings.

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