Ivy Goes to the Botanical Gardens

"Hi!  What are you up to this morning? " Ivy's mommy asked her nana.  "Not much, I was just going to do some things around the house.  Why? " replied nana.  "Well, I was thinking of going to the botanical gardens and was wondering if you wanted to come," said, mommy.  "Ok! Give me a call when you are closer to the city," said nana. The car was packed with her stroller. Her mommy filled her diaper bad with snacks and off they went to the city.  When they got to the botanical gardens her nana was waiting for her at the gate.  Her mommy sprayed her with sunscreen before entering the gardens.  A group of school children were there and they were giggling about who knows what.  Ivy's mommy pulled out the camera to take picture of her in front of the Dale Chihuly  glass sculptures which were scattered throughout the garden.  Her mommy wasn't the only one taking photos as a group of photography enthusiast were taking pictures of the the sculptures and gardens too.  Her hair started sticking to her head as the temperature on the scale rose, but thankfully it wasn't too humid. When she came out of the cafe she was surprised by the giant dog sculpture; however, her favorite thing all morning was the toy train. Then no sooner did she get there it seemed like it was time to go home.  (warning picture overload)


Anonymous said…
This looks like a beautiful one! It inspires me to go to ours! Have a good weekend.
4 Lettre Words said…
It's such a lovely place. So glad she enjoyed her time!
Satu said…
I would just love that place <3
All pic's are pretty and the artwork is....no words ;)
But the Little Thing is the best <3
Heather said…
What a great post! And I love Ivy's outfit!
Anonymous said…
Am glad you had this outing with Nana (that's my name too, lol).
Hilarious with all these sculptures, and plants sculpted into hair, dog (that's a scary one! ) I've seen work from the pasta looking sculpture before. And your daughter is too cute! Don't worry, there's always the next week of SEASONS - I'll send you a reminder on Sat. (because Sun. the link opens) Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the comment about the deer you have in your area! Your comment brought me back here. Good, because last time I forgot about these ultra white -is it cactus?? Never seen that!
So much to see in this post Love the irises and magnolia too (painted both of these flowers). See you back in a few days for Seasons -Sunday May 22! (you're welcome to link from this post again:)) Have a great weekend!

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