Something to Curl up by the Fire

Fall has arrived!  We went from 8o degrees to 58 degrees overnight.  The trees are a brilliant display of mustard, pumpkin, and cranberry with splashes of green and quickly falling one by one to the ground. Currently, the sky is grey and with my blanket and a book I sit by the fire.  What am I reading?

This book is fantastic and gives a wonderful inside look into Chinese Culture.  Aminta has a wonderful way of writing.  She was meant to write!  The book is about her journey of living in China and gaining a cultural heritage for her daughter who she adopted from China.  While this book is someone about her adoption it is more about what she learned about China and mostly through the written language.  Totally fascinating! I just finished Inferno by Dan Brown, and while I enjoyed his other books this book was way to slow. In the case of formula writing, this one did not work. I wish I could have my money back on this one! The story follows Professor Langdon as he is being chased by someone who wants to kill him. Dan, you have done this now multiple times now and the story just didn't seem very believable!  Sorry to say this about your book, especially, when I have loved your other books. In August, I read a Homemade life after a friend suggested I should read it based on other books I had read. The book is written by Molly Wizenberg who lives in Seattle and is the writer of Orangette blog, Delancey which is also fantastic, and she is co-owner of the restaurant Delancey in Seattle. The book takes you on a journey through finding love, the death of a loved one, growing up, and finding a passion for one's career while relating all these stories to food.  The book is easy to read and we discover how many of our memories are intertwined with food. Well, I hope you are all staying warm and hope you have a great weekend! The kids are so excited for Halloween. Addy is going to be a unicorn, Avery a fairy, and Roman is? I am not really sure, but he is happy with his costume.  We have a party at our church followed by trick or treating here int he neighborhood.  


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