Budapest at Night

I don't think I need to say much as the photos do the job. Budapest is beautiful at night.  We went to a folk dance performance and then we took a cruise along the Danube River.  I have to say I was a little disappointed in the cruise as it was late by the time we boarded the boat.  They immediately sat us down for dinner and the food was OK, but not amazing. As we were eating we were passing the beautiful sights of the city I had to jump up multiple times from my dinner to get photos of the city. Overall, I think we could have skipped the dinner cruise. It just wasn't worth it!  Do take time to stroll through the city at night and along the banks of the river.  So beautiful! It is a safe city and easy to navigate.


Buckeroomama said…
Gorgeous! Budapest is on my list of to-visit countries.
Francesca said…
so beautiful! some sights you can only see really well from a boat - sorry the dinner wasn't good, but the view must have been worth it!

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