Avery and Addy Turn the Big 4

Happy 4th Birthday Addy and Avery!

Addy actually turned 4 in June, but with school being out and friends being away we put off having a party until September when we could have a party for both of the girls.  The theme was woodland fairies.  The party was a huge hit!  The children came dressed as fairies or princesses.  I served cupcakes and pizza along with butterfly grape and goldfish bags.  A few fairy houses decorated the table.  I had planned games, but they just wanted to play in the playroom, so who was I to ruin their fun.  I played so fun party music and they danced.  I love this age!  I love these girls!  I am so happy to be there mom.


Francesca said…
happy birthday to Addy and Avery!

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