Munich was our last destination on this trip. Munich is one of my favorite cities in Germany.  It is a perfect combination of old and modern.  There is so much to see and to do and the food is amazing. Getting around is a breeze as there are so many ways to get from point a to point b. The sun seems to shine just a little more in this city in my opinion.  If you plan on attending Oktoberfest, you will need to book your tickets in advance and make sure you book your hotel, as well as even an hour out of the city hotels, fill up. The closer you are to the city center the more expensive the hotels will be, but if you are willing to take the S Bahn out to one of the cities suburbs than you can get a hotel room for a reasonable price.  We stayed out by the airport as it was convenient for us on the day of departure.  I also have a friend who lived out that way, so it made it easy for me to meet up with her and her family.  Oktoberfest is not the only reason to travel to Munich. The city is rich in museums and history.  We were only able to see a small fraction of the city.  I guess that means another trip to Munich.  Don't miss the famous Glockenspiel located in Marienplatz. It only plays during certain times during the day, so don't forget to check the times before heading into the city.  We also took the opportunity to see the Frauenkirche before heading back to our hotel.

Statue of Thierensenweise or Bavaria.  


dinner with my friend Elka and her daughter.
Good company and good food.
Bavaria knows how to do it right when it comes to good food.


Francesca said…
it's sad that munich should be mostly renowned for the (dreadful, in my opinion) oktoberfest!
Redeker said…
Looking good Munich! Also the clock at the church!
I've not been there (yet), well in different towns of germany.

I understand that you will do the corner view?
With themes again and on a wednesday?

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