The Party

50 years is something to celebrate!  On Friday night, we celebrated Frank's birthday in one of two parties at a restaurant called Baraonda. It is one of our favorite restaurants here in Atlanta and is owned by a Sicilian family.  The party was flawless!  We were joined by almost all of Frank's work colleagues and their significant others which was really fun because we don't get to see them that often in a social context. Dinner started off with a mixed green salad and bruschetta followed by salmon, eggplant pasta, and veal scallopini with roasted potatoes,  The party ended with a dessert of Tiramisu (Frank's favorite) and cheesecake.  Our bellies were full along with our hearts.  The evening could not have been any more perfect. Happy Birthday Frank! 


Welcome to the club! The second chapter is even better than the first.
Happy birthday
Francesca said…
Happy Birthday to Frank!

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