Once upon a Time (Corner View)

Once upon a time in a country far away, a little boy was born with much talent and passion, and while he had a few bumps in the road he overcame these challenges to be a huge success in his professional field; however, even if he weren't a huge success in his work we believe he is a huge success in our home.  He is an amazing husband, who I feel privileged to call mine, and I am so grateful he picked me almost 18 years ago,  He is a loving father and so much more patient than I am.  He is a big softy! When he is your friend he is your friend for life and will do just about anything for you.  Everything he does he does in a fashion of go big or go home and at the same time he is just as simple as can be. With all this being said: We love you, Frank!  We adore you!  Happy 50th Birthday next week!  May the next 50 years bring nothing but happiness and joy!

 10 Facts about Frank:
He was born in Germany
His favorite color is blue
He eats muesli every morning
He was a professional hockey player when he was younger
He is pretty much good at any sport but loves to ski and now scuba dive
He does not like cheese (I know how is that possible given he is from Germany)
His favorite place to be is at home
He was asked to work on a president's advisory team, but he declined because he didn't want to spend so much time away from his family.
His mother called him sunny boy.  His best friends call him Frankie!  I call him Schatzi!
He dreams of owning a Tesla someday.


Happy upcoming birthday.
what a fun post and I love all his nicknames
Francesca said…
what a sweet post! he definitely found a loving and supportive wife in you!
Le monde dÖ said…
What a lovely post!! Happy birthday to your hero!
3 Peanuts said…
What a beautiful post about your husband. I hope he had a great birthday Kelleyn!
Menthe Blanche said…
I wish him (in advance) a wonderful birthday. I'm sure he'll be touched by your lovely post :)
Unknown said…
Happy birthday to your sweetie! popping by from communal global.
Holly said…
Happy Early Birthday to Frank,he sounds pretty awesome, hope you two have some fun celebrations ahead.
Unknown said…
Aaaaw!!! happy birthday to your hubby!
Li + Belle said…
Schatzi ... this is lovely. Happy birthday to your nice husband. You are a lucky wife.:)
shayndel said…
So sweet! Happy birthay to your lucky husband to have fouund such a loving and wonderful wife as you!!

PS Thank you for stopping by, your comment reminded me that today was CV and I had made a post to post!!

Redeker said…
once upon a time i said happy birthday to frank!!
karyn said…
What a gorgeous post - happy birthday to your amazing husband!
nadine paduart said…
hear, hear!
happy birthday to your man!
Shauna said…
Kelleyn!!! Jeeze!! I've been out of the loop. You've had massive adventures. I love all of the pictures, especially the Easter and Disney...of course.

This post is so endearing. Happy Day to your wonderful and I must say very talented husband. What a great team you two are. Can't wait to meet you!!! Love,
Shauna oxoxoxoxo

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