Mix and Match "Corner View"

Today's Corner View is a  Mix and Match of 3 different movies I have seen recently.  Besides the obligatory photos for life events, I just haven't had much time for my photography as of late.  I am hoping that will change soon as the weather has been nicer and the events are starting to wind down with the end of the school year. Only a few more weeks till summer vacation begins.  This school year has gone by so fast; however, I am looking forward to summer and traveling with the children.

The fist moving is Woman in Gold which is a true story.  It is the story of a woman who is trying to reclaim a painting that was stolen during War World II.  There seems to be a popularity with these kind of stories as of late.  If you remember last year, there was a movie made about all the art work recovered by the United States called The Monuments Men.  I have a feeling in the next year or two there might be a few more World War II stories of this nature as those who have lived during this time period are almost all but gone, and I think it is important to tell these stories so we don't forget that they occurred.  In the recent trial of a Nazi war criminal, a victim said regardless of the role of those who committed the crimes against the Jews we want them to testify that the crime took place. The movie was well produced and I enjoyed the movie.  If you want to find more information about this story there is a documentary on you tube that I find brilliant.

The next movie is The Age of Adeline which I have mixed feeling on.  I love the actress who plays the main character Blake Lively.  She is so lovely and who doesn't adore Harrison Ford, but while I felt like the story was maybe not very original or too easy to calculate.  I knew what was going to happen before it did.  I did find it fun to walk through time with the main character,  The outfits were stunning.  I also found the narration in the movie a little unnecessary.  You may want to wait for this one to come out on DVD.  One thing the movie does do is get you to think about aging and how important it is to our growth and development as beings.

The last movie was called The Longest Ride written about a modern day cowboy who finds ture love but may have to make a choice to quit bull riding in order to maintain the relationship.  The story is also follows the story of another couple who meet ages ago during War World II.  The two stories lines are weaved beautiful together.  The movie is the perfect romance.  You can't go wrong when Nicholas Sparks is the writer.  After watching the movie, I was curious to see if any part of the movie storyline may be true and while no, there are some similarities which the author may have used between his jewish characters in this film and a real life couple who have donated all their paintings to be viewed by all here in the United States.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


nadine paduart said…
kelleyn, thank you for your notes on these movies. the titles which i'll forget about, will linger somehow when they resurface on my television film register, e.g.
i heard a satisfied critique on the age of adeline, so i'm curious about that one now. cheers! n♥
shayndel said…
Great that you could take time to see the movies! Thanks for sharing! I will go vicariously thru you, somehow haven`t made it to a movie theater yet this year, actually I want to see Cinderella!! Have you seen it? Maybe I will wait for your review♡
Francesca said…
I bet he'll quit bull riding for her! or better still, she'll move to the ranch, and turn into a modern day country woman - isn't this how stories go these days? :)
Anonymous said…
I have heard about Woman in Gold and has it on my to watch list. Thank you for your reviews :)

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