Walk of my Dreams "Corner View"

photo borrowed from google images

As of late, this photo has captured my imagination and dreams.  It is Lake Bled in Slovenia. Currently, I am working on trying to make visiting this destination a possibility come next fall.  If you have been here, I would love your suggestions of things to do and see while I am in the area.  Looking to go for a week.  Well, I am off on another adventure.  I am leaving for Seattle to visit my good friend Jennifer and her family.  Avery is coming with me!  It will be her first trip to Seattle and will put her at 8 states since she has come to America.  So off I go to stock the refrigerator for the gang who is staying here at home and to fold laundry "lucky me"  Have a great day!
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Menthe Blanche said…
Sure, it's must be a great destination! I've never been there, so sorry, no good tips for you ;)
Many of my friends went to Croatia (just nex) and they enjoyed a lot.
simply bev said…
Have a safe and wonderful trip!
tinajo said…
It looks beautiful, would love to go there too! Enjoy Seattle! :-)

Kari said…
eastern europe has an aura about it.....magical and mystical. We're looking at travelling to Croatia..
Enjoy your trip to Seattle!
nadine paduart said…
oh, do have an exciting trip, do!! to seattle, he.
the picture you show is familiar to me, because i spotted it on someone else's photography site, it's supposed to be a hot place in slovenia, i gather? i can't give you more info, since i am not in contact with the photographer.
slovenia should be pretty okay to book and travel... the language however, i'm not sure, but you guys speak german, right?
oh, kelleyn, the pictures you'll be able to shoot!!! n♥
ps - ofcourse we'll walk together one day, and naturally we'll have schnitzel too!! ;)))
Francesca said…
that little girl of yours is a real globe trotter!
have fun in seattle!
PS take a look at this gallery of 15 magnificent, must-see castles:
Shauna said…
Hey!!! Sorry it's been a couple of weeks! Okay, you are a traveling extraordinaire! I want to visit Seattle as well and I don't have any tips about Slovenia. But, you will love it I'm sure. Your night out looked great and I loved the New Years update and pictures. So darling. Love,

Shauna xoxoxo

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