A Little Inspiration

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good! Roman and Addy returned to German School on Saturday. Everyone loved the muffins!  I think they could use a little more sugar, but at least I don't have to feel guilty about eating them. Frank and I went to a movie! We went to see the movie Unbroken! It has had me thinking all weekend.  Not that there are any answer to these questions, but for example how is it that 70 years later we still are still fighting in wars, how can we in one moment be competing in Olympic games and the next killing those we just competed against, and why does a father get killed in Paris at work.  It also got me thinking about our family dynamics of having a daughter who is Chinese and from a communist country.  Could we someday go to war against her ancestors?  How do we somehow forget that a mother had the same aspirations and dreams for her child as we do for ours, but find justification for killing that child?  At the same time, I feel so much gratitude for all the Men and Women who have fought in these wars that I may live free under a democratic government. On another note, I had some time on the cruise to read.  I read the book Focus by Noelle Pikus. Noelle was the Olympic Silver Medalist in the Sochi Winter Games for the Woman's Skeleton. I loved her book! Even better is her TED talk she gave! So worth watching; especially, if you are looking for a little inspiration to start the new year. How are you going to live this year?  Do you allow the frictions in life to slow you down? One more thing, my 7 years old told me I had a crush on a girl from German School (Megan).  He said to me as we were walking to the car that he wanted to marry her.  In his words, When she is 28 and I am 27 it won't matter that she is older than me.  "no joke"  he said with real sincerity. He is the first of the boys to announce they like someone.  He is growing up way to fast.  Breaking this mamas heart.  Well, I need to run!  It is Monday and our refrigerator is bare and I need to sign up my oldest for a class at the community college to help him with his writing if they will allow him to attend.  Have an awesome day!


Francesca said…
one of my resolutions would be to watch some of those TED talks. however, i never seem to want to sit down to watch something enough as to actually do it. living without TV for most of my life has made me feel that any type of screen watching is boring (though i love the big, cinema screen).

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