Belize Day 4

On day 4 the boys took off for a little adventure.  Our stop was Belize.  I had been to Belize with Frank before 10 years earlier and was happy to stay back with the girls and Roman on the ship.  The boys had so much fun tubing through caves and ziplining.  Wee!  On the ship the littles had fun at camp, eating ice cream, and playing in the hot tub.


tinajo said…
Looks exciting - I´d never dare! :-)
Shauna said…
Wow!! That looks crazy and fun and crazy!! hahahahahaha!! What a great time had by all. I'm with you and the hot tub, sounds so nice. Happy New Year!

Shauna xo
Francesca said…
what a spooky and incredible photo (the third)! i probably would have voted for the ice cream too :)

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