A Night Out!

Back in December, Frank and I had the opportunity to go out to dinner with our good friends Simona, Marco, Ulga, and Michele.  The evening started out with me sending Frank and text with the above photo of me that said Can't wait to go out with you tonight.  I splurged and went to the Dry Bar!  I love that place.  I wish I could afford to go every day!  What is Dry Bar, it is a hair salon where they just wash and style your hair.  Love it! Then it was off to the city.  Nana watched the children for us! We went to King's and Duke.  Loved the decor, music was a little too loud, but and sadly the chef killed my steak,  The salad was fantastic and it was so fun hanging out with our friends.  Frank and I need to do this more often.  Actually, this year we have it a goal to go out on more dates with each other.  So far this year we went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, went to see the movie Unbroken, and went to the temple.  Not too shabby!


Francesca said…
keep it up, spending more time as a couple is good for the whole family!
karyn said…
That looks like a fun night out - and I like the sound of the Dry Bar too! - Karyn (Eliza's Dream)
Buckeroomama said…
You look great! I always look forward to Sat nights when hubby and I go out, just us, no kids. It's not always fancy, sometimes it's just grabbing a quick bite and going grocery shopping, but it gives us time to reconnect.

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