One Book "Corner View"

This one book which I have to admit I have not read, but I guess I should is at the moment is my son's least favorite book.  While he does not hate reading, he wants to do it on his own terms and it seems like none of the books he likes to read are ever chosen.  I am not sure how much longer they will be studying this book, but I know when they are finished studying it my son will be so much happier.  As for me, I have multiple books sitting by my bed at the moment.  The one I am currently reading is The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks.  He is one of my favorite writers.  I also have a couple others that I would like to finish by the end of the year, but at the moment reading time is limited and when I do I usually fall asleep because I am too tired.  What are you reading?  What is your favorite book? What are you up to this weekend? Winston has his last soccer game of the year on Saturday.  Harris is away with the Boy Scouts. Roman wants to go see Hero, and if the weather is good than the girls and I will go off to explore a new park I read about.  I hope you have a splendid weekend- Happy Weekend!!!!


Le monde dÖ said…
That's a great choice, I hope you'll read it and hope your computer will be fixed soon.
Have a nice week-end :)
Francesca said…
there are very few books that my boys had to read as school assignments that they enjoyed. part of schooling is reading, but somehow the pleasure of reading never happens in school.
shayndel said…
It`s true about reading when you `have to` its never pleasant, but when the world of readings pleasures opens up on its own timing, how wonderful!! I like the photo and the intriguing book cover and the way the greens bring everything together!! Happy reading,good luck with your computer!♡
Shauna said…
I read the scriptures. Haha! Seriously, though, these days its all I have time for. There are many books I would like to read. Hope you get some great pictures of the new park. Take care,

Shauna xo
nadine paduart said…
i seem to remember this is a good book after all, lord of the flies, but dictated literature usually is no fun to any child... n♥
that you can still read anything after your filled days is a mystery to me! ;))) n♥

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